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Takashi Abe
Yuri Adachi
Masaya Akiyama
Koji Aoyama
Hiroki Araya
Hiroaki Hishinuma
Takeshi Hosono
Mei Ide
Toru Inage
Asami Inoue
Jun Ishioka
Akira Ito
Daisuke Ito
Yuichi Iwasa
Satoshi Kaji
Akiko Kato
Masayuki Kawakita
Satoshi Kawamura
Kyoko Kawasaki
Mio Kikuchi
Yotaro Kiriyama
Yusuke Kitazono
Tsuyoshi Komura
Youngseok Kong
Tatsuya Kurihara
Hirokazu Matsuda
Yasuhiko Matsuzaki
Naoki Mineta
Satoshi Miyama
Yosuke Mori
Takafumi Moro
Kazuhiro Musa
Yuki Nakamura
Naoya Nihei
Daiki Nishioka
Yuta Ogawa
Shingo Okamoto
Keisuke Okubo
Tatsuro Ota
Koki Sasaki
Eisaku Sato
Masakaze Sato
Seiga Sato
Mayako Sugimoto
Yuya Takezawa
Hajime Tamura
Wataru Tanaka
Hirotaka Tanikawa
Wataru Tanimura
Mizuki Tatsuno
Daisuke Tsujimura
Chiaki Uchida
Daisuke Watanabe
Ce Xu
Atsushi Yamaguchi
Kazumi Yamaguchi
Yu Yamamoto
Jumpei Yamashita
Yuta Yamashita
Akane Yoshida


ŸNintendo of AmericaFƒXƒ^ƒbƒtŸ
David Carrasco Lopez
Stacey Deddo
Raymond Elliget
Laurence Millerioux-Tanen
Rob Tunstall
Erika Webright
Thaddee Wiseur


ŸNintendo of EuropeFƒXƒ^ƒbƒtŸ
Daniel Campell
Giaime Carbonara
Ben Frenchman
Arne Glinka
Petra Gyarmaty
Sabrina Jouillat
Federico Maggi
Aracell Mazon Figueroa
Pedro Jose Moreno Villar
Enrique Sanchez Rosa
Nicolaz Sciotti
Pete Sheppard
Giuseppee Tangerini
Janine Wetherell


Hiroshi Arai
Sayaka Hayashi
Youichi Hirota
Haruka Kakinuma
Ayaka Kawamura
Naoki Koga
Keisuke Matsui
Saki Murayama
Atsumi Sasamoto
Kaoru Sato
Yoshikazu Sumioka
Kiyoshi Takeuchi

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